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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 24, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a wintery weather mix could very well bring unwanted christmas day headaches tomorrow morning. i'm in the 9 news now weather center with meteorologist devon lucie who will tell us how slippery it will be for santa and everybody else. >> this could be a day that will be in the form of possiblyfreezing rain. what it means is it will be raining and when you have temperatures freezing and below at the ground it turns to ice. this storm system over the southeast, that's what's on the way here. what i'm tracking, we see winter weather advisories very early tomorrow morning. i-95 corridor and west from there. when we turn from a slippery morning possibly to a more of a flooding afternoon and evening on christmas. when everything transitions to just rain. speaking of the flood watch and
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potential for flooding, the district chimed in and said there's areas and locations that you can get sandbags if you're worried about the flooding. if you want to do that and get your place all ready for the possibility if you're in a low- lying area. there's where you can get the sandbags, new jersey avenue southeast and get things there if you feel like you need to. we've got more on the winter weather, exactly when things will be starting, how bad things will be getting and that transition to the rain coming up in a few more minutes. tonight, several families in maryland have been scrambling around trying to find a place to spend christmas following a fire that raised through their apartment complex in suitland. we talked to some of those families. >> reporter: as fire investigators worked to determine a cause for this three-alarm blaze that swept threw the suitland apartment building, 15 families are displaced, looking for a place to stay. core mrs. johnson and her daughter, this christmas eve
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won't be spent getting the family home ready for tomorrow's feast. instead they're packing up what they can and taking christmas dinner on the road. >> everybody was supposed to come over here and do christmas dinner, but to go home to my mom's house and try to take as much as we can over there, so we can have dinner over there. >> it could be worse. >> reporter: for some of johnson's 14 neighbors, it was. >> people actually lost all their stuff, clothes, gifts,computers, tv, people lost everything. >> reporter: the fire which began just before 2:00 p.m. took crews more than an hour to extinguish. one firefighter was transported to the hospital with burns and is reportedly in good condition, but amid the losses, firefighters were able to make some incredible rescues. >> some of the firefighters were able to pull some of the gifts and things wrapped. >> reporter: including erica ford's. >> yes, they got some of my gifts. i see wrapping paper. i do. that made me a little bit happy.
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>> reporter: for those displaced by the fire, the gymnasium of a nearby church became a home away from home, a place to stay warm, make some phone calls and try to figure out what to do next. >> this is not the christmas i expected. i'm thankful we are still standing right now and we're able to see another day. >> reporter: the red cross has asked us to let the public know that anyone interested in making donations of toys to children of families who may have lost some or all of their belongings in this fire to bring them to the property management offices, 5327 carswell avenue, suitland maryland. or check with our website, for further details. in suitland, maryland, james hash. from supports machine to his interviews, george michael made the big stories in sports even bigger. tonight, he is the big story as we mourn the loss of a
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washington legend. michael died this morning of leukemia. 9 news now sports director joins me now. >> for guys who do what i do, he was a pioneer and will be remembered as such. georgia michael was what all of us in this business aspire to be, entertaining, provocative, informative and smart. he was in a word original, and he was washington's original. and tonight, the king, as he was known, is gone. >> this is my life. this ain't no hobby, baby. >> reporter: he was part show man, part reporter, part carnival barker, and for 27 years he was a must-watch for sports fans in washington, because he had the best sources, the most toys and an uncanny knack for making everything he said sound important. >> now, here's a story you must pay attention to. it could be wrestling or it could be the redskins. >> he would look into the camera and say, i want to tell you folks. and you would sit back and
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listen. >> reporter: michael's sports machine was syndicated around the country and became a gold standard for sports highlights when highlights were hard to come by. he was espn before espn. >> he is huge, a colossus in the washington d.c. sports scene for an enormous amount of time. there ought to be on some level monuments in this city built to him. >> reporter: when washington's most elusive sports power brokers were making news, somehow george was already on the inside. >> george did a lot of things here that we would be doing and he was a standup guy. and someone that i think the franchise trusted. >> reporter: for those of us who competed against him, it was both an honor and an impossible challenge. >> my generation may not admit it, but you were the forerunner of us. >> i never wanted to be a pioneer. when people say you're a pioneer, that means i'm getting on the day. so i accept that fact, i do it
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gratefully, and i say i had fun doing it. >> joe gibbs issuing this statement, he said george was a very dear friend to me and my family. he was a tremendous influence on me and so many sports in the washington community, because he truly cared about the people that he covered. that's the statement in part. and as i did to them directly tonight, i want for all of us a at wusa to send our condolences to george's family. that's a loss for washington. >> indeed it is. thank you, brett. appreciate that. on this christmas eve a search for a missing teenager girl and police are hoping for your help. 16-year-old alice jones has been gone since yesterday. she was last seen at her home in rockville. alice is hearing-impaired. she communicates through sign language. she may be wearing glasses and a blue winter coat. if you've seen her call montgomery county police. hopefully you're with your families, spending quality time this christmas eve. for our military men and women, however, that's not possible. and the holidays are bittersweet for those who will
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be joining them overseas very soon. greg will be deployed in a matter of days and here's his story. >> sometimes, we forget our people in uniform are getting ready to go overseas. that's just one person that will be deployed in a matter of days. he's soaking up every second he can with his family. it's precious time and christmas he'll be holding on to until he comes around next year. >> reporter: christmas eve is chock-full of tradition at the home in fairfax. navy lieutenant and his wife sit around and watch movies and there was story time. it's all about family time, but it's even more meaningful this christmas. he is heading to afghanistan for his first deployment. >> they're tough moments. it's challenging. >> reporter: the family tries not to dwell on the dangers, but it's hard not thinking about what they'll be missing.
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>> not getting to sit with these little kids in my lap every night. >> reporter: while the qunger two don't understand -- younger two don't understand what's happening, the oldest one does. griffin knows his father is heading into harm's way. >> try to stay in contact and i love you. >> i love you, too. >> reporter: for this sailor and his family, they're taking nothing for granted. >> instead of being out and about and spending a lot of activities, you know, outside of the home, we're kind of bringing it in. which is helping all of us to focus on the family more. >> reporter: the presents are under the tree, but the greatest gift for the family is the time they spend together, laughs and all. >> a year is a long time. the big one's probably going to be probably taller than i am by the time i get back. >> yay! >> but there's lots of years i'll get to share and maybe. >> and you'll be a dwarf
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compared to me. >> maybe i'll enjoy them even more, if that's even possible. >> reporter: i think it's possible for him. i know he loves them very much. he is in the navy reserve and has been recalled to the active duty status and will be deployed to afghanistan as part of a public affairs detachment along with 20 other people. derrick? >> thank you so much, appreciate it. from start to finish, we tag along as packages come into the d.c. area just in time for the holiday. plus this. a family friend with a criminal past is accused of kidnapping a little girl. police are working through the night to find her. >> i prayed and prayed and prayed all night long. cried. i mean, this little girl could be anybody's little girl.
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this christmas eve, police and search teams have been working frantically trying to find a missing girl out on maryland's eastern shore. police arrested the man accused of kidnapping the 11-year-old from her home in salisbury, and as scott broom tells us, they're working against the clock to find the child. >> reporter: 11-year-old sarah foxwell was wearing christmas pajamas and a john deere t- shirt. when she went to bed tuesday night, her family reported her missing wednesday morning. wicomico county is being beaten in the woods trying to find her. this man is arrested and investigators say he is not cooperating. >> we are not giving up hope. we will always maintain faith. we will find sarah foxwell. we have approximately 25 search
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teams comprised of 25 or 26 law enforcement, ems and fire personnel. >> reporter: he's a registered sex offender who is a family acquaintance. family members who waited along the roadside said thomas legs had a hide away key to where sarah was sleeping. >> if anybody has seen the gold pickup truck but has the slightest information, even if they think it's unimportant, something unusual they have seen, please contact the sheriff's office. >> reporter: tonight, there are searchers here from at least four states, and despite the grim circumstances, they will continue to scour the woods around salisbury this christmas eve tonight and into christmas morning. in salisbury, maryland, scott broom, 9 news now and the man accused of taking three people hostage in a virginia post office says he was angry at the federal government. nearly nine hours of standoff
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ended last night when warren taylor finally released his three hostages and then surrendered. one of those hostages says taylor was upset because his son died in afghanistan and the bank repossessed his beloved truck. prosecutors have now charged him with kidnapping and other federal charges. it takes a whole lot of effort and hundreds of santa's helpers to get those last- minute christmas gifts under the tree. more than 200 fedex employees in the herndon area were working around the clock to organize and deliver truckloads of packages just in time. lindsey mastis taking us behind the scenes. >> reporter: the packages come from all over the world, sorted first at a super hub in memphis, and then flown to dulles. last week's blizzard was a setback for fedex and santa. and this is the busiest time of year. >> these are the last-minute christmas gifts. >> reporter: in herndon, packages are taken out of the
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hair craft containers -- aircraft containers. when the buzzer sounds, the conveyer belts start moving. santa's helpers started sorting the press at 6:30 this morning. >> we'll take them out to the little kids today waiting for them tonight. >> reporter: this is where documents are sorted, so when a smaller package comes in, it's categorized first by city and placed into a bin. these bins are then taken back one more level and categorized one more time by street. the packages are tracked the entire time. >> basically, every time someone touches a package at fedex, it's scanned. >> reporter: as they move down the line, they are packed into trucks. >> for what i've seen so far, probably around about 220 stops. >> reporter: once a truck fills up, it pulls away, and a fedex currier rushes from house to house, making sure those last- minute gifts make it under the tree in time. >> i don't know what it would be.
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i guess we'll find out tomorrow. >> really cool. >> everyone's happy. >> reporter: in herndon, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now and some fun facts about fedex. there were more than 80,000 vehicles delivering holiday gifts today and 15 meteorologists tracking the weather patterns all over the world making sure those gifts would get there on time if at all possible. you were not one of those meteorologist. you're our meteorologist. >> yes, i like to see it's meteorologists who help make the gifts arrive early in some cases. >> that would be good news. we don't have good news tonight. >> we are going to have to look at the possibility of some ice. this is first of all, i know, a lot of you kiddoes looking to see where santa currently is. it looks like he's in the southern part of the united states. he's in lexington, kentucky, at least that's where he is headed. he's in north carolina right now. current location says knoxville, tennessee. so he's on his way to lexington. >> get into bed quick.
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you don't want to miss him. >> he is on his way. the forecast the next three days. a dicey morning tomorrow, especially further out west. it will start off with freezing rain, a total transition to rain. temperatures will be moving up and up, but we're going to have to get through a cold day tomorrow. the freezing rain and flooding is what we'll have to look out for. freezing rain mainly in the morning to midday hours. we continue to move in cloud cover here tonight. completely overcast skies moving in real late. winter weather advisory for freezing rain tomorrow morning. regular rain tomorrow afternoon. freezing rain is normal rain, but it happens to be below freezing at the surface, so liquid water hitting freezing surfaces and turns to ice. that's why we call it freezing rain. i-95 corridor through the district and west, montgomery county, fairfax county, prince william county and areas west of there. we don't have anywhere east and
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southeast. we're expecting warmer air to push in. we shouldn't have icing there. but everybody with all the snow and we bring in some possibly heavier rain afternoon and evening hours. that's why a flood watch goes into effect. 11:30 here tonight, watch what happens. a mixture of that pretty nasty wefort that will be developing 5:30. i think this is pretty close to washington as we can get. it's all freezing rain shown here. i know it looks like it's snow showing up. everything i looked at the in the forecast, it's going to be freezing rain. this shows the freezing rain through at least 10:00 in the morning through about midday. i don't believe it's until 2:00 in the afternoon when we finally see the rain back in the forecast. when we finally see a transition back over there. so that's what we look for that to make a final completion, when we get through the iciest of that weather. then tomorrow night and overnight, that's when we could be looking at heavier rain. that's when the problems could start to compound as we melt a lot of snow. we have backed up snow sewers
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in some cases and a lot of rain on top of that. we could be looking at a poe attentionly flooding situation. rain continues through saturdaymorning. it will clear everything out as we get through saturday afternoon. let's take a look at this messy christmas forecast hour by hour. freezing rain, i-95 corridor west. we'll start to erode that cold air from east to west through the morning and midday hours. by the time we get to 3:00, everybody will be seeing all rain. unfortunately, that's when we turn our attention to the possibility of maybe flooding problems. seven-day forecast. i hope you have a great christmas eve, but it will be a slick morning. remember, on your way to and from church or on your morning drive to open up presents, get where you need to get, it's probably going to be the side streets, parking lots, driveways that are going to create most of the problems. we had a lot of traffic. thorough fares where we've been salting every night. in the suburbs and places like
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that, that's where you see the potential problems. in the city, not much of a problem. >> let's hope the rain will wash away some of the snow. >> no. we're talking about george michaels, such a big loss. >> he was a constant in my life. when i was a teenager, i wanted to be like him. he invented the modern sportscaster, a broadcastings pioneer and a washington treasure. we look back on his life, sports 9 coming up. wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes.
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a little like a rookie pitcher trying to strike out derek jeter. how do you compete against a guy you grew up watching and admiring. so it was for those of us who grew up idolizing george michaels as a kid. for 27 years he ruled the d.c.
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airways, part storyteller, part carnival barker, gaining national fame through his syndicated sports machine. his laugh was contagious, his work ethic unmatched. d.c. has lost a true original. >> i went and saw him yesterday. i got to hold his hand. i got to talk with him about football. i got to talk with him about what he has meant to me. >> every time i got a chance to do an interview with him, i knew it was going to be funny and fun, something i enjoyed. he's going to be really missed. >> i never met anybody that worked harder than george. that was prepared more than george for everything. >> condolence messages coming in from around the nation today. the red skips will hold a moment -- the redskins will hold a moment of silence during the day. if they win the game ball goes to his wife, pat. if he were here he would be likely the first to make
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thisjoke, based on the way they played against new york, he wouldn't bet anybody getting a game ball. the bitter taste of last week's thumping at the hands of the jets still in their knives. they've been excoriated by the national media, and come sunday they get a chance to wipe the slate. >> excited about the opportunity to go and play on a national stage again, and show everybody that that was not who we really are as a football team. >> regardless, you have to go out there and fight. >> reporter: by the way, the league handed down their fines today for monday's fracas. governor arenas already had a trying first half of the season. tonight it got even more complicated with news that the wizards guard is under investigation by the team and the nba for an alleged firearms
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allegation. they said we learned gilbert arenas stored firearms in a locked container without ammunition. the arena and the team notified -- arenas says he brought his guns to the center because after the birth of his daughter he no longer wanted the gurches in his house. a week later, he turned the guns over to team security who gave them to police. a new closer. another free agent addition. former pittsburgh reliever matt capps to a one-year deal. he's been the pirates closer since 2007. again, just want to pass our condolences as channel 9 over to channel 4 and the mike cal family. a tough day for everybody in this town. >> we'll be right back.
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we're nervous about this weather tomorrow. >> yeah, could be some freezing
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rain. i don't think it will be a major problem in d.c. norad santa tracker, we're in columbus, ohio. he's on his way to indianapolis. >> has he passed us? >> not yet. >> bye, everybody. merry christmas. ♪ ♪
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